Cheer Handbook

Cedar Ridge High School

Cheer/Mascot Handbook

2018- 2019



Being a cheerleader is an honor and special privilege. Cheerleaders and spirit groups exist to promote good sportsmanship , good citizenship , wholesome and enthusiastic school spirit , and are first and foremost REPRESENTATIVES of their school. Cheerleaders should exemplify both individual and group behavior suitable to their position and in accordance with the rules as stated in the RRISD Student Code of Conduct. Members of these groups have a fundamental responsibility to play a leadership role in building teamwork and helping the school achieve its goals and objectives. Because of these responsibilities, members of the cheerleading squad will be expected to maintain a higher standard of academic achievement and behavior both on and off campus than that of their peers.


Cheerleaders are expected to be physically and mentally skilled in learning and remembering cheers. They are also expected to be able to publicly demonstrate a skill level suitable for the team position, the timing necessary for group performance, and to promote positive crowd control. Off the field, they are to support enthusiastically all athletic teams through advertisement, personal attitude, and attendance at events chosen by the cheer coach and approved by the principal.


Cheerleader : A cheerleader is a selected member of the student body who serves as a representative of the student body. Cheerleaders represent the school at extracurricular events designated by the coach. As previously stated in the Philosophy section, cheerleaders serve to promote good sportsmanship, good citizenship, and school spirit.

Mascot : A mascot is a cheerleader in costume. Mascots serve as full members of the cheerleading squad and, therefore, all rules and guidelines in this handbook are applicable to Mascots.



Unfortunately, not all situations that arise can be anticipated or accounted for in the manual. Should events occur that are not covered in the Cedar Ridge High School Cheer Program Member Manual, they will be reviewed on a case by case basis by the assistant principal and cheer coaches and will be dealt with according to what is fair and just.

These are general rules and guidelines for all Cedar Ridge High School Cheerleaders. Failure to comply may at times require judgment calls to be made. These decisions will be left up to the individual coach for each squad. Coaches reserve the right to upgrade any penalty (immediate benching, office referral, removal from the team) depending on the severity of the situation.

Furthermore, Cedar Ridge High School and/or Round Rock ISD reserve the right to alter the rules according to the situation, at any time.



As a Cedar Ridge Raider Cheerleader, we have a responsibility to seek, practice, and perform excellence. Our peers, teachers, and community members hold us to a higher standard, as well as, look to us for leadership. A critical component in this system is accountability. We must hold each other to these expectations and encourage our fellow teammates when we see an individual falling below the “Raider Standard”. Below is a list of “Expectations of Excellence” for every Raider Cheer squad member.

1. Always represent CRHS & RRISD with respect, class, integrity, and high morality.

2. Be on time/early to all cheer events

3. Maintain academic excellence.

4. Follow all CRHS and RRISD rules.


Section A: Summer Camps

1. Summer camps are mandatory and failure to attend will result in dismissal from the squad. A fundraising opportunity will be provided to offset the cost of personal purchases.

2. All travel and expenses related to attending a summer camp can be paid through individual payments, fundraising, and possibly through Booster Club support.

Section B: Transportation

1. Transportation arrangement to performances will be determined by the coaches.

2. Cheerleaders/Mascot will abide by all school transportation rules, procedures and safety guidelines.

3. Travel to and from away games or events will be done as a squad, via school transportation. Transportation to and/or from a game or event with a parent is discouraged, and will only be permitted with prior written request from the parent received no later than 24 hours before the event by the school principal or coach, or in an emergency situation, as deemed by a coach or principal. Leaving an away game with someone other than a parent is prohibited. The coaching staff has the right to accept or deny a request for alternate transportation for any reason.

Section C: Stunting and Tumbling

1. A cheerleader may never stunt or tumble without the permission and presence of a coach. A coach must be observing and/or supervising any stunting or tumbling.

2. If a cheerleader tumbles during tryouts, he/she will be expected to uphold the level of tumbling presented throughout the year at games, in routines, and at the coach’s request.

3. All cheerleaders are expected to follow appropriate skill level progressions and demonstrate mastery of any skill before moving on.

4. Cheerleaders are discouraged from performing any stunting or tumbling skills outside of cheer practice to ensure their safety.



There will be a maximum (required) out-of-pocket expense of $800 per cheerleader/mascot, per year, incurred for required cheerleading related activities, clothing and equipment. Optional purchases may be more.

All cheerleaders/mascot will be required to participate in fundraising to help offset your personal costs. The coaches will organize between one and two fundraisers in which a portion of the profits are to be applied to your personal account.

Please note:

If you make cheerleader/mascot, the first payment is due on March 7th!

Payment Schedule:

March 7 – $200
April 4 – $200
May 2 – $200
May 31- $200 or remaining balance

If additional balance remains beyond the scheduled payments totaling $800, that remaining balance must be paid along with the final $200 due on May 31st. Monthly balances are required to be paid in full before cheerleader is allowed to participate in squad functions. Additional/special payment plans other than the specified plan above must be agreed upon by the coach and parent and documented in writing.


Cheerleaders/mascot should enjoy learning and performing stunts, jumps, cheers, chants, tumbling and dances, as well as conditioning. Cheerleaders/mascot must promote and maintain relationships with faculty, administration, student body, and work cooperatively with the drill team, band, athletic teams, and all school organizations.

Everything a cheerleader/mascot does, whether in uniform or not, reflects upon themselves, their teammates, coaches, family, your school and faculty. Cedar Ridge cheerleaders and mascot are expected to be above reproach at all times. All cheerleaders/mascots will be required to follow the safety guidelines set by the American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Advisors (AACCA) and the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS). You must also comply with state law, CRHS and RRISD policies, and the Raider Standard.

Section A: School Leadership

All members will respect and maintain good relations with the coaches, other members, teachers, administration, fellow students, and the community. Do not use cheerleading as an excuse to miss class or turn in late work; do not sleep in class; do not roll your eyes or talk back to an adult. Cheerleaders/mascot are expected to be examples for their fellow classmates. Cheerleaders/mascot are expected to be leaders within the school community on and off the field, as well as, on and off campus. Misconduct, disrespect, and attitude problems will not be tolerated.

Section B: Physical Functions

Cheerleading is an athletic endeavor. A physical exam given by a doctor will be required of all cheerleaders/mascot. We will run, lift weights, stretch, and workout just like other athletes. Workouts will vary depending on that day’s agenda. Safety is our primary concern. Cheerleaders/mascot will be extremely well-trained and prepared before any stunting or pyramid building will take place.

Cheerleaders/mascot will also be expected to do proper stunt progressions within their stunt groups before moving to advanced stunting no matter your individual experience. Proper warm-up, stretching, and cool-down activities will be directed and followed to prevent injuries. Cheerleaders/mascot are expected to treat practices seriously and participate to their fullest potential at all times.

Section C: Respect

Cheerleaders/mascot at Cedar Ridge High School are expected to show everyone the highest level of respect. Disrespect will not be tolerated. Disrespect towards coaches and other adults (teachers, administrators, faculty and parents) will result in immediate discipline. Disrespect towards captains will result in discipline. Continued disrespect may result in removal from the squad.

Section D: Participation

Participation in cheerleading is a privilege, not a right, therefore Cedar Ridge Cheer is authorized to set higher standards for participants than it would for those students who choose not to participate in these activities. Important goals of the program are to give students direction in developing character, self-discipline, responsibility, pride, loyalty, leadership, teamwork, respect for authority, and healthy living habits. Cheerleading is a year-long commitment. Attendance and participation is required at all activities.

Section E: Academic & Grading

Cedar Ridge High School cheerleaders and the mascot will be expected to maintain academic eligibility. Simply stated: grades come first! Cheerleading will never be an acceptable reason for grades to falter. The cheerleading class grade will be determined by a daily grade consisting of attendance, uniform, spirit, attitude and participation. There will also be grades given for the same general criteria at performances and games. The class will have a required semester and final exam. Cheerleaders who miss class will receive a 0 unless the cheerleader is sick that day and provides a doctor’s note upon his/her return or has extenuating circumstances approved previously by the coach. Routine doctor’s, dentist, orthodontist, driver’s education, college visits, driver’s license, and/or all other appointments are not considered excused absences and will result in a 0 for that day. The cheerleader may make up that 0 by completing a workout during an agreed upon time between the cheerleader and coach. Failure to pass all enrolled classes (including Pre-AP and AP courses), including cheerleading, on any report card will result in a three-week probationary period. If after the three week period, the cheerleader may be released from probation if a progress report shows that all classes are above passing. If all classes are not above passing at the three week mark, the cheerleader will continue with probation until all passing scores have been met. If the cheerleader/mascot fails a second six-week period, regardless of the class, he/she will be removed from the squad and will be ineligible to tryout for the following year. During probation you are expected to stay home and bring up grades. Attendance at games or other events is not allowed.

Section F: Uniforms

1. All uniforms, tops and skirts, will be considered school property and will be worn only when instructed by the coaches. Uniforms may not be worn at any other time, especially at an official RRISD sporting event by anyone – on the squad or not. Anyone in uniform is representing Cedar Ridge cheerleading, and that reputation must considered at all times.

2. Uniforms worn during the school day must meet the RRISD dress code regulations. Uniforms must be complete at all times from bow to toe to include all specified pieces as listed on the uniform schedule. Nothing more and nothing less.

3. Cheerleaders/mascot will be responsible for any missing or damaged uniform pieces and he/she will be expected to pay reimbursement or replacement costs.

4. Failure to return any missing uniform piece without reimbursement will result in a hold on the student’s account at the end of the year. As with any other school property (i.e. textbooks) the student will be expected to return their uniforms at the end of each year.

5. Cheerleaders/mascot must ensure their uniform is always clean and in good condition for each and every performance, game or appearance.

Section G: Personal Presentation

1. Cheerleaders/mascot will wear hair and fingernails as designated by the coaches. Acrylic nails may not be worn at any time as they pose a hazard to stunting. A cheerleader who is wearing acrylic nails will be sat for the practice and/or game and will receive a 0.

2. Cheerleaders/mascot will not chew gum or eat during practice, pep rallies, spirit circles, games or performances.

3. Cheerleaders/mascot may not wear any type of jewelry (including bandage covered jewelry or spacers/retainers) while in uniform, practicing or performing. Failure to abide by these personal presentation guidelines could result in the coaches’ certifications being jeopardized. The coach is personally responsible for ensuring the safety of all squad members. These guidelines are set in place for safety concerns as well as uniform presentation.

Section H: Communication

1. The cheerleader is responsible for communicating with the coach(es). Most concerns/misunderstandings can be resolved/clarified that same day if the cheerleader speaks to the coach(es). Cheerleaders are encouraged to ask questions and speak to the coach(es) about any concerns they may have.

2. The coaches will determine stunt positions, stunt groups, and cheer lines using their experience and UCA training as guidelines. These types of decisions are based on the safety of team members and the betterment of the entire squad. Moves may be made by the coaches at any time. Coaches will not discuss positions in lines or formations with parents.

3. Many questions can be answered by the cheer calendar, and the expectation is that both cheerleaders and parents check it weekly.

4. Each cheerleader will be added to the team Group Me where critical information is shared. Cheerleaders must check this daily.

5. Coaches welcome communication from parents at appropriate times. Emails are great for non-emergency questions. Please send a message to the Group Me if there is an immediate emergency. Before, during, and after games/performances is often not the best time to discuss cheer-related events.

6. Conflicts between team members need to be handled with both team members. Coaches are happy to mediate, but concerns large enough to be brought to the coach deserve to be heard and discussed by both parties in a safe, structured manner.


Section A: Practice Attendance

1. Practices (in summer, during class and before/after school) are required and each member is expected to attend. It is essential to the team’s success that every member is in attendance at each and every practice.

2. If you have prior knowledge that you are going to miss practice, you must notify the coaches ASAP in writing! An excused absence is allowed only in cases of emergency or personal illness with a doctor’s note regarding that illness. Routine doctor visits do not excuse your absence. Regardless of an excused or unexcused absence, the coaches must always be notified in writing.

3. Work, concerts, college visits, family vacations/activities, tutoring, all-star practice, driver’s education, doctor’s appointments, or any other extra-curricular activities MAY NOT INTERFERE WITH PRACTICES. You will have access to the online cheer calendar and will be informed of changes as soon as they come. Tutorials should be scheduled around practice times.

4. You may not leave early or arrive late. We have a very limited amount of time to be together as a team, and we need to use it effectively. Leaving early and/or arriving late will result in a grade deduction and the appropriate strike or reminder.

5. Absence, as well as tardiness, will result in discipline. This includes summer practice and all regular school block practices. You will receive a 0 (zero) for a missed practice and will have one week from the date of the absence to make up your grade with a workout chosen by the coach. Unexcused, missed practices will also result in a strike.

6. It is your responsibility to learn material presented in practice. If you do not know the material, you will not perform for the event.

7. While injured, on probation, or if you are non-contagious and ill, you are still expected to be at every practice. It is important to show support for your team, as well as learn any material that might be taught while you are out. If you are able to sit and watch practice, but still do not come, this will result in disciplinary action.

Section B: Practice Uniform

1. Cheerleaders/mascot will be dressed in the appropriate uniform at all practices. You must always wear the designated work out attire as stated on the schedule or provided by your coach or captain. This includes everything from BOW TO TOE!

2. No food, gum or drink (other than water or Gatorade) is allowed.

3. Jewelry will not be permitted during practices – this includes piercings in ears, noses, belly buttons, etc.

4. Incorrect practice uniform and other infraction of stated rules will result in discipline and/or a lowered daily grade.

5. All items will be locked in your assigned locker during practice.


Section A: Game/Performance Attendance

1. You are required to attend all scheduled games, pep rallies, and any event scheduled for the school or community (determined by the coaches and the Principal). If you cannot attend, you must inform the coaches ASAP. An excused absence is allowed only in cases of emergency or personal illness with a doctor’s note.

2. Absence from school (unless at a school sanctioned event, such as a field trip) for more than half of a school day on a performance day will automatically exclude you from participating.

3. Attendance is still required while injured. If ineligible per UIL academic rules, any cheerleader is not to be in uniform and should stay home.

4. All members are required to perform at Fusion. Failure to perform and participate will result in disciplinary measures as determined by the coaches.

5. CRHS Cheer should be the cheerleader’s priority. It is not acceptable to miss a CRHS Cheer event for All-Star/Competitive cheer, work, other teams/clubs, or other commitments. The coaches reserve the right, but are not required , to make accommodations for a cheerleader needing to miss a CRHS Cheer event. Each instance will be handled on an individual basis at the discretion of the coach.

Section B: Time

1. You are to arrive in the designated area at the time set by the coaches, in complete uniform, to warm-up, stretch, and review any material or procedures.
2. The arrival time will be set and announced by the coaches. The amount of time to arrive before an event might vary.
3. You must arrive on time, and you are expected to stay the full time. Failure to attend a full practice/event will result in disciplinary actions as well as grade penalty when applicable.

Section C: Uniform

1. You must wear the designated outfit to school and to the game on game days. Your uniform must be complete at all times. Uniforms must be clean and appropriately fitting. Unzipped uniforms in public are not permitted.

2. Complete uniform includes the correct skirt and top, with the assigned bloomers. Socks should always be white, no show socks, and you should always wear this year’s issued cheer shoes. The appropriate bra should be worn while in uniform – straps should never show, and sport bra color should match your uniform top. Nail polish and jewelry should never be worn. Shoes must be clean and in good condition.

3. All cheerleaders will look uniform. This means, if we all agree to wear our cheer warm-ups, then we must all wear it. We will not have someone not wearing any single item. If you do not have any piece of the required uniform, then this will result in benching and a strike.

4. Nails must be short and natural. Colored nail polish-including a french manicure design-, gel, etc. is not permitted. Acrylic nails are not permitted. Clear nail polish may be worn.

5. While wearing the cheer uniform or any clothing associated with CRHS Cheer, the cheerleader may not engage in public displays of affection with anyone other than family members. Holding hands, kissing, etc. are not permitted while in uniform.

Section D: Spirit

1. Laziness and lack of spirit and enthusiasm will not be tolerated. Each cheerleader will remember his/her purpose – to lead the crowd in cheers and motivate the crowd and team. This includes cheering, stunting, jumping, tumbling and smiling. Inappropriate behavior, whether during play or breaks, will not be tolerated. Inappropriate behavior includes, but is not limited to, yawning, slouching, poor sportsmanship, chatting, showing disinterest, lazy motions, and any silly behavior that could draw negative attention.

2. During the game you will demonstrate maturity and spirit. You will pay attention to the game and know when or when not to cheer. Cheers should be appropriate to the game situation.

3. All members will follow instructions given by the coach or captain.

4. You may not visit with family or friends during the game.

5. Failure to maintain spirit or other infractions of these rules will result in a lowered game grade and/or discipline.

Section E: Before and After Games/Performances

1. Before the game:

a. Every cheerleader has a job to do. The time that you are told to arrive is the time given for you to complete your job, warm-up, and stretch. Arrival time does not include time to get ready. You should come fully dressed.
b. You should have your cheer bag with you at all games. In your cheer bag you should have your water bottle, poms, warm-ups, and any accessories needed. Your cheer bag must be black, Cedar Ridge purple, or silver/gray.
c. All squads will have a designated time to eat dinner together as a team before certain games. You are required to be there!

2. After the game:

a. No one is dismissed until the area is clean and equipment and personal belongings have been gathered and/or put away. The coaches will dismiss you as a group. Cheerleaders may not leave an event prior to being dismissed by the coach.
b. Each cheerleader should remember his/her job that needs to be done before and after the game. Upon returning to campus, items must be put away in their correct location.
c. After the game/performance, each cheerleader needs to check out with a coach. Everyone must change out from their uniform into regular clothes. These clothes should not contain anything on them that says Cedar Ridge Cheerleading. Failure to check out with a coach or to bring appropriate items to check out in will result in a strike.

Special note about games/performances:

A game and performance schedule will be given to the entire program as soon as possible. The schedule will contain dates and times of scheduled and potential games and events. Please note that this schedule can change without the control of the cheer coaches. Playoff games will be on the schedule as TBD and are required of all cheerleaders. Please do not make plans on these dates. The schedule will also hold a key for what uniform is to be worn.


Coaches will have full discretion in every discipline situation. Discipline may include, but is not limited to: conditioning, strikes, community service, benching, and removal from the squad. Every choice we make has consequences, positive and negative. Every effort will be made to give positive consequences, including rewards, conditioning breaks, etc.

The Strike System

The strike system will be a guide to our discipline policy and may be adapted during the year, by the coaches, as needed. An infraction of the rules will result in either a first warning, followed by a strike if repeated, or a strike. If an offense is severe enough, a cheerleader may be placed directly on probation, or removed from the squad at the sole discretion of the coaches. The strike system will be followed to promote character, leadership behavior, academic excellence and positive representation.

Section A: Level 1


The coach will determine the reminder at the time of the infraction. All discipline is assigned to be corrective and not punitive in nature. The cheerleader will be verbally notified of any warnings. The list below includes examples of some behaviors which would require immediate reminders:

● Tardiness to practice/class
● Wearing jewelry at any time
● Chewing gum or eating during practice
● Being disruptive, horsing around, or talking excessively
● Failure to bring designated materials (handouts, permission slips, etc.)
● Failure to assist in extra duties (hanging signs, etc.)
● Failure to cover visible tattoos
● PDA while in uniform

*Once a cheerleader or mascot has received three reminders they will automatically be given a strike. The cheerleader or mascot will no longer receive reminders from that point on but instead will receive a strike for all infractions – even if the infraction is categorized under “Reminders”.

Section B: Level 2


If any of the coaches deem an offense severe enough, a cheerleader/mascot may not receive a strike at all, he/she may be placed directly on probation, or removed from the squad at the sole discretion of the coaches. Although this is not a complete list, all of the following behaviors listed will result in a strike:

● Disrespect/insubordination toward cheer coaches
● Disrespect and behavior unbecoming of a cheerleader
● Disrespect toward a teacher or administrator
● Disrespect/inappropriate language toward other members
● An unexcused absence for a performance/game/practice – this includes routine doctor visits
● Leaving a performance/game/practice without permission (not checked out)
● Failure to wear assigned uniform to game – this includes hair and nails
● Refusing to work or pay attention
● Unsportsmanlike conduct at a game or performance
● Inappropriate or unsportsmanlike conduct in social media
● Talking on cell phone during game/practice/activity
● Academic dishonesty
● Received a referral, assignment to ISS and/or Saturday Detention
● Not participating in required fundraising or community service activities
● Repeatedly receiving warnings for Level 1 (3 reminders=1 strike)

Section C: Level 3


These infractions will result in immediate removal from the squad.

● Failing any two six weeks. Please note that a UIL waiver still counts as failing one six week grading period.
● Assignment to the RROC
● Alcohol
● Drug use
● Smoking/vaping
● Destruction or vandalism of school property
● Suspension from school
● Stealing
● Gross and/or serious misconduct
● Receiving six strikes
● Any violation of the law, whether or not charges are pressed

Violations of student code of conduct may also be handled by campus administration in conjunction with the RRISD Cheer Discipline Process.

*3 strikes of any kind will result in probation

● During football/volleyball/basketball season that member will be benched for the next performance.
● A benched member must still attend games, but sit with the coaches; failure to attend will result in a strike.
● In the event that benching the member would be detrimental to the squad, the coach has the right to alter/delay consequences as they see fit.
● During any other time/season, that member may have alternate consequences as designated by the coaches.

*6 strikes of any kind will result in immediate removal from the squad

Once a member has been dismissed from the squad, they are responsible for any monies still owed. They must also turn in any school issued uniforms. Per campus policy, removal from the squad (voluntary or otherwise) will result in a schedule change into a physical education course. In alignment with district policy, once you have been removed from or quit the squad, you are not allowed to try out for the following year. All cheerleader/mascot clothing, uniforms, jackets, etc. are to be worn by current cheerleaders/mascot only, at all times. Students who have been dismissed or voluntarily removed from the squad may not wear cheerleading apparel in public, under any circumstances.


Section A: Hazing

Hazing means any intentional, knowing, or reckless act occurring on or off campus directed against a student, by one person alone or acting with others, that endangers the mental or physical health or the safety of a student for the purpose of pledging, being initiated into, affiliating with, holding office in, or maintaining membership in any organization whose members are or include other students. Students shall have prior approval from the administrator for any type of initiation rites of a school club or organization. No student shall engage in any form of hazing. No student shall encourage or assist any other person in hazing. The act of hazing and failure to report known hazing can result in criminal penalties, as well as school disciplinary action (RRISD Student Code of Conduct).

Section B: Zero Tolerance

The use, possession of, or association with tobacco, drugs, and/or alcohol at ANY time while being a member of the cheerleading team is prohibited. This includes weekends, holidays, and during the summer. An involvement in sexually-related behaviors and/or activities in a public forum, including parties or the Internet is prohibited. Violation of these will result in your removal from the squad. You are expected to comply with all rules of the school and district and laws of our community.

Section C: Internet Safety

Members of the CRHS Cheerleading team shall refrain from posting questionable material, including pictures and dialog on the internet (including but not limited to ‘Instagram’, ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’) and will monitor to the best of their ability what their friends post about them. Cheerleaders/mascot with pictures of themselves in compromising situations will be subject to benching/probation/removal from the team. Cheerleaders/mascot will not have pictures of themselves with any form of alcohol/drugs/tobacco in the background or foreground of the picture, as well as not posting any pictures of a sexual nature. Failure to follow this policy can and will result in benching/probation/removal from the team. Discipline of this nature is due to the behavior involved, NOT the act of posting.


Section A: Leadership Roles

1. Captains/Officers will be required to commit time for additional responsibilities of the cheerleading program and they will be expected to be a positive role model, serving as a community ambassador of the program.

2. Captains/Officers will demonstrate leadership by setting an appropriate example for peers, assisting the coaches with planning and preparation, and assisting with communication between all coaches and squad members.

3. All Captain/Officer positions will be decided on and governed directly by the coaches. The coaches reserve the right to appoint, remove, and replace captains/officers as needed.

Section B: Leadership Rubric

1. When a captain or leader is chosen, the leadership role will be determined by the following process:

● Members who wish to become captain/officer shall submit an application
● A rubric will be designed with consideration to evaluate the Character, Commitment, Communication, Initiative, Relationships, Responsibility, Servanthood, and Vision.
● The coaching staff will evaluate all candidates and will make the final decision for the leadership positions.



As a Cedar Ridge Cheerleader/Mascot, I have read, understand, and agree to the policies and procedures outlined in the Cedar Ridge Cheerleading Membership Manual. I understand that failure to meet the standards described above will result in consequences, and may affect my membership on the team.

Cheerleader Name (printed): ________________________________________________ Date: ______________

Cheerleader Signature: ______________________________________________________________________


As a Cedar Ridge Cheerleader/Mascot Parent, I have read, understand, and agree to the policies and procedures outlined in the Cedar Ridge Cheerleading Membership Manual. I understand my child’s responsibilities and that failure to meet the standards described above will result in consequences, and may affect membership on the team.

Parent Name (printed): ___________________________________________________ Date: ______________

Parent Signature: __________________________________________________________________________